About Cyphershot

Who are we?

A small group of millennials, we are here with a mission to revolutionize the way brands, products and services are marketed. We aspire to change the way brands interact with their existing and potential clients so that the brands never feel like an alien entity that needs constant promotions. With us marketing is and will be organic, seamless and purpose-driven.

Over the years, we have made an exceptional name for ourselves in such marketing techniques as growth hacking, guerilla marketing, product design, UX, brand positioning, storytelling, analytics, user on-boarding and data science.

We extensively focus in the process of scaling the growth, engagement and retention of customers all the while emphasizing on making the bottom lines stronger

Who is Cyphershot?

What do we do?

Each and every marketing activity we carry out at Cyphershot is tied to growth hacking or growth marketing. In a nutshell, growth hacking is a revolutionary and intelligent process of extensive experiments carried out throughout the marketing funnel, product development stages, sales spectrums and other diverse areas of a business with the intention of identifying the most effective and efficient ways to render constant growth to a business.

As an experienced and enterprising growth hacker, we look to conceive and craft diverse, affordable, and creative strategies. These strategies will in turn help the business not only acquire various customers but also retain them without much retention costs.

Cyphershot, as growth marketers, is not only responsible for your marketing efforts and activities. We are a part of your business that conceives bespoke solutions that can bring in significant, sustainable growth for your business.

What cyphershot do

Acquire More Customers and Make Them Stay

Most difficult processes of marketing is winning them over for the first time. We understand what makes them go with you. Company who knows this, only shred their money on those channels that add value to their business. They will have an effective flow with their prospective clients.

  • Increase quality traffic to your website and generate quality leads
  • Ensure that all marketing efforts are optimized constantly
  • Drive all the attention and traction you need with every new product/service launch
  • Improve the quality of your content marketing and all SEO efforts
  • Convert your followers and fans to your loyal customers
  • Constantly discover newer acquisition channels and clients

Optimize all Customer Activation Processes

There is nothing better than having constant traffic and visitors to your website. However, what you really need, as you are a business, is to have a name or email address behind each click you get onto your website. For this, nurturing each and every single visitor you get is the only way you got. Such efforts will provide visitors with their ‘Aha’ moment on your website and realize the value propositions you are to deliver to them. That’s a win by any measure.

  • The on-boarding process must be optimized, constantly
  • All on-boarding communication must be automated
  • Get rid of any and all activation holdups

Enhance Retention of Customers

If your marketing brings you a lot of customers and if they don’t stick around with your brand, that’s a real problem. You are missing on so much potential you have. When you lose your customers constantly, your customer acquisition and activation processes don’t really add any value to your business. Effectively retaining the customers you get is definitely the most vital part of growing and that’s why retention forms the essence of growth hacking. Without retention, there is no growth.

  • Carry out effective and accurate analyses of retention process
  • Utilize efficient and technology-driven techniques to keep customers hooked to you
  • Utilize efficient and technology-driven techniques to keep customers hooked to you

Revenue is Income

As a business you need to realize that there are millions of people who actually spend their hard-earned money to use your products or services and that they are the people who provide your business with the fuel to move forward. Enhancing the MRR and regularly discovering newer streams for revenue must always be part of the growth hacking attitude your business must possess.

  • Enhance the strength of your paying customer base
  • Optimize the free-trials and freemium conversions you have
  • Constantly engage your users and diminish churn
  • Effectively capture and measure all the correction metrics for the business

Referral is always Viral

There is no doubt that referrals can do great boost your business like you never anticipate. However, to make a referral program work, you must always find something that actually works, is fresh and fundamentally exciting for the users to actively indulge in the process of referral. If you are looking to drive immense growth, making your business go viral is one of the most effective of ways in the technology-driven market of today.

  • A customer is four times likely to buy a product when referred by a friend
  • The impact of a viral campaign is 1000-time more effective than a non-viral campaign
  • The reachability is extremely high through various social media channels
  • It will sure improve your customer base in short periods of time
  • Trust befalls more on the life-time value of the service/product offered
  • 25% increment in average value of orders

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Meet the brains and creative geniuses behind each and every project we have undertake and still undertaking. The team is what makes all the wonderful things happen here.